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About the United Veterans of Maine

The United Veterans of Maine was originally a dream. It was a dream to be a place where veterans could be given an opportunity to share and heal in many different ways. It was a dream where veterans could be given a place to stay and endless resources to obtaining critical benefits from the Veterans Administration and job training. It was a dream where veterans could truly enjoy one’s company and build friendships to last a lifetime. It was a dream where a reputation would be built on the principle of veterans helping other veterans and also building relationships throughout Aroostook County.

Today, this dream is well on its way to becoming reality. At our location in Caribou, we have build 6 cottages and one family unit, all to provide transitional housing for veterans in need. Our organization gives a veteran in need the resources necessary to successfully obtain employment, further training in a wide array of fields and much more. We strive to set a standard for taking care of those who have served our great nation, by which many other organizations struggle to even wrap their minds around.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. In order to maintain any type of resources, United Veterans of Maine seeks financial donations and charitable contributions. With the gracious help of donors, our organization continues to operate. As an integral part of our vision, we strive to build our resources around the model of a farm. Northern Maine is known for farming and rural living and a farm model is something many people in our region can comprehend.

On this farm, we have 6 cottages and one family unit. The sole purpose of these living quarters is aimed to help veterans begin their transition, healing and employment. Local services will be utilized for care of the veterans that are enrolled in our housing assistance program. The farm will operate as a business generating its own revenue, thus being self-reliant.

Our Objective

Our objective is to take veterans who are in need to a place that they will get any treatment that is necessary for their success, while providing safe housing and a place to become self-sufficient. This truly does two major things immediately for the veteran. It removes the feeling of homelessness and hopelessness, which reduces two major factors of suicide among veterans. This also provides the veteran with a mission and drive that many feel they are missing in order to feel a sense of worth. By providing a team concept, the veteran gains a sense of worth and contributes to their own recovery through working towards a common goal with fellow veterans.

Our Mission

  • To provide a veteran’s transitional facility, wraparound services and rapid rehousing for past and present members of the Armed Forces of the United States, Reserves and National Guard. This also includes family members of the veteran.
  • To assist our fellow veterans by coordinating and establishing a working relationship with the local service providers.
  • To provide a central location for local service providers to come.
  • To provide a stable housing model for our veterans.
  • To provide On the Job Training (OJT) while residing at the farm.

Our Concept

Veterans that come to the farm will come as a choice that they make on their own. A contract between the veteran and United Veterans of Maine will be signed before the veteran is accepted into the housing assistance program. Policies and procedures will be in place and it is a “one strike” policy. The idea is simple. It is a military style program where the veteran has time lines, responsibilities and is required to perform some type of work. The reason for the military style program is because it is something that all veterans are familiar with and can easily adapt to.

The future of United Veterans of Maine

Our organization is continuously evolving. As the needs of veterans change, so will our operating practices. Our program demands will change and the types of training being made available to veterans will do the same. Our goal is to become an organization offering transitional housing, on-site training in a wide variety of different fields, and the possibility of permanent housing for veterans in the future. All of this is slowly making progress and continued financial support will keep this program going for many years to come.

We encourage you to stop by the farm and talk with us. We look forward to meeting you and showing interested individuals the progress we have made. Please contact us if you have any further questions! We also have many sponsors. To see who has graciously sponsored this organization, please click HERE.